Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sleepless in Indiana

Good evening friends,

I did absolutely NOTHING at home today. I slept in...well kind of. I think I may have to go to the dreaded Dr. one of these days. I HATE going to the doctor. First you have to sit in a waiting room and fill out forms, then you wait some, then they call you to the back, make you stand on a scary looking scale, and take you to some claustrophobic little room where you wait some more on a silly paper covered table thingy. Then come the tests, the needles and if its not to bad, money eating prescriptions and a doctors note forbidding you from going to work for a week. If it's bad, like it usually is, I end up with a pain scale of 10, screaming until the dalodid can take affect where they whisk you off to surgery or a tiny little room for two weeks to either die or live, only to start receiving hospital bills for $50,000 a few days later. Yeah...things like that makes you NEVER want to set foot in a doctors office again.

But here's the deal. I CAN'T SLEEP. Oh, I am so tired every night that I go directly to bed after I get home for work. I can fall asleep instantly. I can fall asleep anywhere. On a rock, even. It's staying asleep that's the problem. You see for a few years now I've had this strange tingling numbness in my left and on. But the past few months its now in both hands and getting worse! When ever I go to sleep, the hands start tingling (like your foot does If you've sat cross legged too long on the floor) anyway, it gets so bad, it wakes me up all the time. I wake up, have to move my arms around and go back to sleep...over and over and over all night long. The last couple of nights, the hands have actually been so asleep they hurt and I couldn't move them for a few moments. It's been WEEKS since I've gotten any solid sleep. I'm feeling so strung out...

Mike says I need to go to the doctor. I'm not really sure they could do anything about this though, and usually I like to see if things will get better on their own. But I have a feeling this is not going away anytime soon.

I sure miss sleep....

I didn't intend to post this but I guess I needed to vent. Tomorrow I have a day off from work so I will have plenty of garden-y stuff to post then I'm sure.

Good night, sweet dreams.



Michelle said...

Funny you should write that (came over from Sarah's blog) but I had the same exact thing a few years ago. I had a massage and she noticed I was out of alignment, so I went to a chiropractor and after a few visits, it has never returned! SOmething to think about.
I love the pet blog!

Kathie said...

It could be carpal tunnel syndrome. I had the same problem, numbness, pain in the night and oy was it horrible. I finally broke down and had the surgery (thank goodness workers compensation paid for it) and honestly I'm so glad I did.

Take care of yourself, because no sleep only leads to other problems later on.

vonlafin said...

I had the same problem. Bought some wrist support things that hold my wrists straight while I sleep, and I don't have to much trouble sleeping anymore. Anything to avoid surgery!