Monday, August 25, 2008

Perfect Morning

Good Morning Friends!

It's simply too beautiful out to put into words correctly. Its sunny and cool--the perfect weather for working in the garden. Too bad I have nothing much to do this morning. :) I planted some Spinach seed in an empty spot between the bush cucumbers and the tomatoes, just a couple short rows. It's "Giant Noble" which bolted way too quickly in the spring as soon as it started to get any decent size on. maybe it will do better as a fall crop then a spring crop. In any case, the seeds were 10 cents a packet so I won't be crying much if they don't do well and the rabbits don't mind one bit if the spinach has bolted or not. I prefer Bloomington Longstanding, which lasts forever in the garden, spring or fall but i ran out of seed this spring and couldn't find any locally and bought these cheep seeds instead.

Though its really nice outside, I don't want to laze around. I think I'll get some sewing done instead.

Have a good day!



Carole said...

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Nickie said...

Hello Carole, thanks for stopping by! I've heard of flylady before and I kneow its a good thing.