Monday, August 18, 2008


Welcome Friends,

This is a new blog for me. Some may know me from my other blog, GirlGoneGardening. I feel GirlGoneGardening has become stale and aimless. I will be closing it. So I'm trying on a new face. A new face to match my new resolve to follow my dreams and to make new things happen. I will treat this blog not only as a journal of the journey---however long the journey takes to reach the destination---but as a letter to friends, on-line and in person. I have been neglectful of a blog that had potential. I have been neglectful of the kind people who generously took the time to add comments. And for that, I am sorry. I have not been a very generous on-line host.

Some of the things I hope to accomplish (though they may be out of reach at this time) are:
  • Buying land and either building a house, moving a trailer to it, or repair an existing house.
  • Learn to live more off the land---perhaps even getting to a point where I only have to work part time or not at all.
  • Learn to live more out of the garden, and this includes raising my own meat foods.
  • Learn new skills from carpentry to hunting.

It may be a while before I have this land, it may be forever even. I don't know but I aim to try my hardest to get there. And should the opportunity arise I will be ready to grab it by the horns.

I hope you will like my new blog. I plan to post on it regularly and if you will be so kind as to give a shout, I promise to shout right on back.




OldRoses said...

Nickie, please email me at if you would like this blog to be included on Garden Voices like your original blog. Thanks! Caren

The McAlpines said...

Hi Homestead Dreams. Thanks for posting on Homesteading Today - I will be checking your blog. I too have dreamed of homesteading but have ended up going a different way - but I can still live the dream vicariously through you! Good luck.

Nickie said...

Oldroses, thanks for stopping by, I left a messege for you.

the mcalpines, I too am living vicariously right now. I hope to change all that!

Kathie said...

I'm thinking good thoughts for you as you begin working towards these dreams with new vigor and a new blog!

Annie said...

Hi Nickie....I've been reading your GirlGone Gardening blog for awhile and I have exchanged messages on Homesteading Today....which always seems DOWN for me lately!

anyway, I've bookmarked your new blog and will keep checking back to see what you're up to!

I hope you can get out of that trailer park you're in right now, and get on a small piece of land, so you can do Whatever You Like!!


Becky said...

Hey, there,

I've been following your adventures for quite a while, now, and feel a connection to you (especially the animals/finances/homestead dreams threads).

HOWEVER, I really, really have trouble with your new white font on black. My 52 year old eyes just can handle the strain and I get a headache, sometimes, from the contrast. Any chance you could take pity on your older readers and go back to something..uhm..less dramatic? :-)

Becky said...

You changed it! You altered the font and background.

Thank you so much!

I hope you don't feel that you've sacrificed artistic integrity on the altar of consumption. ;-)

My eyes thank you, as well.