Saturday, August 23, 2008

Looking for ways...

Hello again friends (for the second time today!)

I am squeaky clean free of the garden dust that had covered me from toe to head now and it feels just too good. As I was showering I was trying to think of other ways I could maybe make some $$ or even barter for new things I don't have or need for things that I do.

It occurred to me that maybe some folks would like to buy or barter for my seeds and plants through the mail? I would much rather do things in person one on one (without all the postage!) but I guess I shouldn't rule it out either.

So I was wondering if anyone would be willing if I collected them to trade or buy if I offered some seeds? I don't have much right now but I could go gather some. Right now in the garden i have Yellow Scabiosa (see scanned image at top), various sunflowers--light yellow multi branching (my favorites!)and yellow with red multi branching. I also have grandpa otts morning glories going to seed and I can collect "white wonder" tomato seeds also (I was going to do that anyway for my own self but will ferment more if there is interest.) I am sure I can collect more kinds then just those.

So let me know if you like this idea and I will run out to collect seeds.

Well, That reall is all for today!

Take care,


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