Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Day Off Tomorrow---

Good evening friends!

Another day has passed yet again. How quickly time flies. Tomorrow I actually have a day off. I won't even be on call. I'm weighing my options here.

So far my options consist of:
  • Slacking off and vegetating mostly with a few light chores like cleaning animal cages, dishes and laundry, around the house.


  • All chores--outside and in, weeding, turning the compost, getting mulch and mulching flower beds, picking veggies, ripping out old plants, deadheading, grocery shopping, baking bread and cooking up pumpkins to freeze and bake with.


  • Staying in bed all day in my jammies and doing nothing (which sounds really good right now since I've been run into the ground everyday this week)....this option, no matter how wonderful it sounds, probably won't happen but a girl can dream, right?

Well, good night everyone!


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Kathie said...

Enjoy your time off!