Friday, September 26, 2008

The weekend is near.

Good evening!

Its a cool evening tonight outside...but nobody is complaining. It seems like it's been a very long week for me but it's finally over. I know I should be grateful for every day and not wish it away faster, as we all know, time flies but this week has been worrisome. You see Mike hasn't been feeling well for a couple of weeks. Strangely my 6th sense had kicked in about a month ago (why am I always being proven right?) and I was telling my husband that it had been a very long time since he'd had a physical and that he should go find a doctor and get blood work up and a general well being check. Lo and behold, a couple weeks ago he started feeling unwell. But Mike being Mike, he just dealt with it. Finally this week he did go to the Dr to get checked out. She gave him a blood test and some pills to help with his bowel issues. Those pills, that evening sent him to the ER feeling worse and panicky as he was having a reaction to them. The next day we made another appointment with the Dr again. Thursday he was taken off those pills and given something else and his blood test was read. Apparently there are a number of possibly worry some things going on. He has more tests scheduled but nothing major....just things that could become VERY MAJOR if he doesn't get a handle on them now. I hate it when that woman's intuition is right but at least we know whats going on and that has lessened the stress a bit. The pills the Dr gave Mike is making his stomach feel much better at least! I really should right a book on my gut instinct, I swear. Since forever, it's proven me right every time, something that is really handy when scanning the help wanted ads or hitch-hiking. Anyway, like I said, more tests are to follow but for the weekend we won't think about it. We'll just try to enjoy ourselves and this promising beautiful weather that is expected.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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