Saturday, October 18, 2008

Poor Freya Cat and a possible parasite

Good evening (Morning?) dear friends,

It's now 40 minutes into Sunday morning here and I can't sleep. I guess I have a bit on my mind (and some indigestion also) that has me wide awake. Most of you know about Freya cat--she even blogged for a while before she got bored of pushing keys on the keyboard. Those of you who know her, know that she is adored by Mike and I. Last Sunday was the last time anyone saw her, that is until yesterday. But even before last Sunday, she was gone for 2 whole days. I was at work when my husband called and said she had came home (last Sunday) but that something was VERY WRONG with her. She was drooling and acting nutty and was covered in mud or filth. He'd tried to catch her and she ran off, not to be seen again for a week. I though she might of been poisoned by something. When she didn't return, I feared the worst. I tried not to think about it. I tried to push it from my mind, really because I couldn't handle thinking about it.
but yesterday afternoon, when I returned from dropping mail off, she came running, meowing, greeting me in the drive way like old times. she was covered in filth (but wasn't drooling or nutty) she looked to have mud caked all over her and was looking very very ragged with patches of fur missing. My poor Freya! A bath, and antibiotics, she is going to be fine. poor Freya! If only they could speak, then I could understand what kind of trauma she had. :(

In some disappointing news, I thought perhaps I finally had an alien parasite. But, the p.o.s (piss on stick) reports that no, there is not an internal parasite at this time. Odd, because I really thought it was possible, with my crazy apatite lately and the odd early spotting (it ain't time for the monthly visitor yet so i thought it was very odd). oh well.................I'll just have to find another excuse for my crazy french fry addiction.

Have a good night (day?) my friends,


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