Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hallow's Eve

Good evening friends!

I know it is way past an update. I guess I haven't had much to say lately as this is one of those odd times of years where there isn't much going on outside or in. This weekend though, I must totally winterize everything. I need to get the remaining animals into the shed-- buy hay and winter feed, bury pots of plants in the ground to protect through winter, get burlap to wrap around my rose bush, wrap my fruit tree trunks, and cut back the remaining perennials.

A sad note about my animals: Last night as I went out to top off the water and feed, and to cover the hutches for the night, I discovered that Silver was dead. He had been healthy seeming earlier in the day. Since last year around this time, someone poisoned our previous rabbit, I was suspicious and smelled the water--- it smelled very strongly, like turpentine or paint thinner would smell like. I tried the other waters too, they did not have this same smell but to be on the safe side, I removed them all and gave the living critters new bottles. I'd hate to think that anyone would be so cruel as to poison someones pets but I can't help but suspect, especially after what happened last year. I left the bottle open, to show my husband later, but I foolishly didn't cap it again and by the time he was around to smell it, what ever it was had dissipated so my proof was gone. Poor Silver :(. I never did get him to father any kits, though I tried. I think he may have been sterile. So Once I put his memory to rest, I will have to find another male rabbit. Perhaps another dutch, they don't eat as much as a Rex dose! and therefore cost a lot less to raise. I hear too that they have large litters and put on meat very quickly. So maybe I will try that.

Other then that, there is not much to report here.

Have a good night all.


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