Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

Good evening ghouls and goblins!

I wish I could say I was out having fun, but I am at work :P. Those of us in the medical profession do not get holidays! Can't y'all quit getting sick or hurt for the holidays? The whole weekend I am going to be on call, but I won't have to work unless they have emergency's at night after the morning shift goes home so I'm crossing my fingers I can sleep through the nights without having to jump out of bed and into scrubs.

Tomorrow I hope to do homesteady type stuff all day. I'm going to make myself stay away from the computer and focus on chores, both outside and out and maybe I will even make some yummy comfort foods to munch on. AND I want to try my hand at sewing--- I have a pattern for an apron and some scraps of fabric. I know my first won't be perfect (Did I happen to mention in 8th grade I got a D+ in home economics? My worst grade EVER!! Go figure.....) so I am not wanting to buy expensive fabric for this first trial. I'm even going to have to figure out how to sew on buttons......I am most certainly not a natural homemaker lol! Aprons are an alien garment to me.....but I figure it's got to be pretty "easy" right? If all goes well, perhaps then I can try making other things. The last time I tried sewing anything was a skirt, which when I proudly tried it on Mike quickly proclaimed to look like curtains............

Well, Have a good night all! Sleep tight!


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