Saturday, November 1, 2008

Homestead-y Stuff

Good evening friends!

Today as I had promised myself, I did homestead like things. I got the animals settled into the shed-- as I have no extra $$ right now for lights, I used some of my homemade grow light plant stand lights, which I can replace with fresh ones for the seed starting season anyway later. I already have heat lamps but its not even close to cold enough for that yet. When I finished that, I turned my compost pile for the last time this winter. I was surprised about the amount of almost completely composted material....amazing what a bit of chicken poop will do! I spread this stuff over some of the garden rows and it will continue breaking down over the winter.

I really didn't do the baking like I wanted to- the reason was I only had 10 dollars for groceries and our cupboards were already pretty bare...We would have had more but Mike has a stomach infection now and we had to pick up two types of antibiotics today to start fighting it...but I did the best I could, buying 30 eggs, a little bit of cheese, a small hunk of ham, and some Ramon noodles( for something quick), and some butter. Things I can use to make beans, pumpkins, rice and potatoes seem more palatable. Not what I wanted, but sometimes ya just have to add that new notch in the belt. It wouldn't be like this way normally but Mike couldn't work the previous week and did not get paid so we were riding on just my paycheck this week to pay the bills. It will be better next week of course, no biggie.

This afternoon then, I got out a new project to begin, I really want to learn how to sew my own clothes, as I mentioned yesterday, so I started with something "easy" seeming. The apron is all cut out now, and I'll start sewing it up tomorrow.

That's it for now...

Have a good night!


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